RHM VCD VOL 178 | Trochaek Chet (DAT)

RHM VCD VOL 178 | Trochaek Chet

01. Trochaek Chet (Sineun - Panha - Ratha) | Download
02. Sros Euy Sen Sros (Sovath) | Download
03. Kmean Te Prum Macharey (Kanha) | Download
04. Neuk Krob Velea (Saveth) | Download
05. Cham Nov Te Cham (Pichenda) | Download
06. Kjol Samuth (Rith) | Download
07. Reatrey Sngat (Sovath) | Download
08. Besdong Komprear (Pichenda) | Download
09. Cham Thngai Vil Vinh (Sreypich) | Download
10. Romdoul Dorng Steung Songke (Saveth) | Download
11. Ponman Kae Teart (Sreypich) | Download

RHM VCD VOL 177 | Thngai Na Kor Sroveung (Sovath)

 RHM VCD VOL 177 | Thngai Na Kor Sroveung (Sovath)

Tracklist (Files type: DAT)

01. Komlors Honda Kromom Bay Say (Vet - Rith - Kanha - Pich) | Download
02. Kheun Sneh Knhom Teh (Sreypich) | Download
03. Thngai Na Kor Sroveung (Sovath) | Download
04. Neuk Kheunh (Saveth) | Download
05. Cham 10 Khae Teart (Kanha) | Download
06. Krolek Nhor Nhem (Sovath) | Download
07. Cham 1 Chivit (Rith) | Download
08. Somleng Guitar (Kanha) | Download
09. Roveu Rovaey (Pichenda) | Download

Android Hidden Icons APK

 Android Hidden Icons APK

The Android hidden icons is an application which will make your phone theme much more clean and beautiful. The application is suitable for all android themes which have four cells in the home screen footer.

The Android hidden icons is an application which will make your phone theme much more clean and beautiful. The application is suitable for all android themes which have four cells in the home screen footer.

This product is suitable with Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich, and it is very proprer for this version of the Android. Use this amazing app, FOR FREE on your phone, and give your phone a new good look.

Don't forget to follow the instructions in the Help form.

We love creating apps, and want to keep them free forever. In order to keep our development running we are using a search service. This app will add a couple search links on your device in the form of an icon, bookmark link and browser homepage. You may delete them easily (drag to the trash or delete the link for the browser), if you choose to use them, thanks!

Most of the permissions are used ONLY for the SEARCH, so don't let that bother you.

Join my Facebook group: http://facebook.com/tonee.org
Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/toneff
You can share this application with Facebook, Twitter, GMail, Yahoo Mail, Google+, SMS Message or other.


Royal Envoy - Rebuilding Game

Royal Envoy - Rebuilding game
Take the King's challenge in this rebuilding game! Save the wonderful land of countless islands from the merciless forces of nature. Construct and upgrade homes and buildings for the island citizens and become the chief city planner of marvelous Islandshire. Think your way to triumph in this challenging and mesmerizing rebuilding game with pirates, treasures and hot-air balloon adventures! Download rebuilding game totally for free!

Chicken Attack Deluxe

Chicken Attack Deluxe - Download chicken game
Want to download a new chicken game? The crazy chicken is back on the warpath with vengeance. Defending her chicks in this arcanoid style game, this mama bird won't put up with any fowl play when she's defending her brood. Download this chicken game and non-stop action will put your reflexes to the test as you battle to save the little chicks! Prove your skills as you team up with our heroic hen to defeat a world of crazy guys and evil beasts! Download chicken game - Chicken Attack Deluxe - for free right now!

Style Man Production CD 01 | Oun Prom tam Peak Mday Oun

Style Man Production CD 01 | Oun Prom tam Peak Mday Oun

01. Oun Prom Tam Peak Mday Oun (pich Thana) | Download
02. Sneha Knhom (matireach) | Download
03. Srok Teuk Pnek Muk Rong Ka (sum Chhatina) | Download
04. Bek Knea Chos Oun (pich Thana) | Download
05. Tov Na Kor Tov Tov (matireach) | Download
06. Reung Tang Os Tuk Tha Oun Smors (pich Thana) | Download
07. Tors Oun Kbot Kor Bong Nov Te Sne (matireach) | Download
08. Songsa Knhom Mean Kou Dorn Deung (pich Thana) | Download
09. Bong Sman Min Dol Chet Srey (pich Thana) | Download
10. Oun Rot Chol Rong Ka (matireach) | Download

Garden Defence

 Garden Defence

 The sleepy suburb of Lindencroft is under attack! Help the Smiths Family by deploying a wild arsenal of lawn ornaments, bug-fighting plants and other oddball inventions to stop the threat in the Smith's backyard and beyond. Download this free game today, join the battle, and master Garden Defense.

File Size: 54.84 MB

Genial Writing 2 2.01.0604 Apk Android

 Genial Writing 2 2.01.0604 Apk Android

Current Version: 2.01.0604
Requires Android: 2.0 and up
Category: Productivity
V2.01.0604 update:


Sharing handwriting memo with friends via email, MMS and facebook.
Record your feeling in a second and write down something you think.
Or using cordial handwriting to say hello to your friends?
You can try this app~
(Handwriting note/memo)
PS. Free Version = Ad supported.
And “No” support keyboard.


- Note Preview Mode : Page, First 3-Line
- Used handwriting input method and saving directly.
- Sharing memo with friends via email, MMS and facebook.
- Pen width and pen color fast switching and setting.
- Support portrait and landscape orientation.
- Copy/Paste between notes in the application.
- 3 styles x 12color – kinds of notebooks
- Shake to undelete.
- Widget 4×1,4×2(Paid Version Only) 4×3,4×4(All Version)
- Insert a photo via press “Camera Key”.(Paid Version Only)
- Insert pictures according to EXIF orientation tag.
[About Permission]
Two permissions for app:
READ_PHONE_STATE – Get DeviceID(IMEI) for reg-code
Two permissions for Advertisement:
Genial Writing 2 3Genial Writing 2 2Genial Writing 2 1


RHM CD VOL 461 | Chheu Chab 1 Lean Dong (Ratha)

  RHM CD VOL 461 | Chheu Chab 1 Lean Dong (Ratha)
Tracklist :

01. Chheu Chab 1 Lean Dong (Ratha) | Download
02. Kour Prab Chet Smors Beb Na (Ratha) | Download
03. Kom Somleung Bong Doch Neak Dortei (Zono) | Download
04. Srolanh Neak Na Maneak Min Kvol Pi Ateitak Kal (Ratha) | Download
05. Kom Cham Monus Kompong Rean Smors (Zono) | Download
06. Ors Sne Te Min Jong Bat Borng Bong (Ratha) | Download
07. Tuk Bong Chea Avei? (Zono) | Download
08. Besdong Reap Smeu (Ratha) | Download
09. Over (Zono) | Download
10. My Love Don't Cry (Zono) | Download

Download (Coming Soon)

3DMark Vantage 1.1.0

 3DMark Vantage 1.1.0

3DMark Vantage is the new industry standard PC gaming performance benchmark from Futuremark, newly designed for Windows Vista and DirectX10. It includes two new graphics tests, two new CPU tests, several new feature tests, and support for the latest hardware. 3DMark Vantage is based on a completely new rendering engine, developed specifically to take full advantage of DirectX10, the new graphics API from Microsoft.

Note: 3DMark Vantage requires Windows Vista and DirectX10 Compliant graphics card, and does not work in any other operating systems or with sub-DX10 graphics cards.

File Size 348.74 MB
Download Part 01Download Part 02


 DREAM C CLUB v1.6.0

Games description: The entertainment of an extremely popular DREAM C CLUB App. is an appearance!!
The HostGirl Amane of extreme popularity DREAM C CLUB appears by the application for android!!
* – * added new items and price changes from 6/1 * – *
New items can be bulk buying and gifts, such as costume appeared.
Costume set will be available for purchase in three species together costume.
Drinks infinity I think that will remain in Kagen tipsy.
Gift freely is a gift will be unlimited gift.
-The feature of this application
Your finger can actually describe the host girl of a DREAM CCLUB now at last.Words can be spoken by touching a acter or leaning a terminal, or a girl’s reaction can be enjoyed by various motions.A acter voice is the same cast as the consumer version, is recorded only for this an application and is a recorded voice. CV:Ami Koshimizu
-About Full version
If you purchase a full version from the inside of an application, various functions in which communication with a host girl can be enjoyed more will become usable.
-The increase in a voice or a touch event
Although it is only ten kinds of voices with the free version, in a full version, it increases to hundreds of kinds.Various reactions can be enjoyed according to a place, a situation, etc. which are touched since an event also increases.
-Time read-aloud, an alarm clock function
If the time display on a screen is touched, a host girl will announce you time. Moreover, if alarm clock time is set, it will start in an exclusive voice at a set period.
-Get drunk with the degree of favorable impression, and it is change (*1) of a degree.
The degree of favorable impression rises by taking communication with a host girl every day, and it carries out various reactions with the degree of favorable impression. Since a host girl may get drunk occasionally and may appear, she can enjoy the reaction which got drunk at that time (*1 it gets drunk with the degree of favorable impression, and, as for a degree, it is possible to make it go up at a stretch by purchasing an item).

File Size 27.22 MB


Mystery of Mortlake Mansion


Mystery of Mortlake Mansion

Summoned by an elderly magician to a strange mansion, your world is turned upside down when you suddenly become trapped within its walls. Why were you summoned there in the first place and where is the magician who asked for your help? Only by breaking the spell that has been cast upon the mysterious mansion, is there any hope for you to escape and unravel the answers to these troubling questions. Explore the dark rooms of the house and discover what haunts this eerie place. Meet a talking raven and the Spirit, two enigmatic captives of the mansion who can provide answers you are seeking. Confront an insidious lord, break evil spells, set captives free and become owner of the gorgeous mansion. Numerous hours of discoveries await you in challenging 34 beautiful scenes, 30 mini-games, and a host of tricky puzzles.

Full Version Features:

Find your way out of an eerie mansion in this dark Hidden Object adventure.
Confront an insidious lord with help from a talking raven and an imprisoned spirit.
Scour 34 beautifully haunting locations with over 700 unique items.
Solve tricky puzzles and enjoy 30 unique and varied mini-games.
Break evil spells, set captives free, and become owner of the gorgeous mansion

Google Chrome 19.0.1084.56

 Google Chrome 19.0.1084.56
Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier.
One box for everything
Type in the address bar and get suggestions for both search and web pages.
Thumbnails of your top sites
Access your favorite pages instantly with lightning speed from any new tab.
Incognito mode
Don't want pages you visit to show up in your web history? Choose incognito mode for private browsing.
Safe browsing
Google Chrome warns you if you're about to visit a suspected phishing, malware or otherwise unsafe website.
For information about alpha and developer builds, check out the Chrome dev channel here.

Dance Legend Music Game v1.6.1

  Dance Legend Music Game v1.6.1
Dance Legend is the only mobile game developed to mimic real dance moves, allowing you to actually dance with your fingers!
Show off your favorite moves in the most fun and realistic dance game for smartphones and tablets! 
Dance along to a soundtrack of today’s greatest dance hits and learn the hottest new moves like the Dougie and the Booty Bounce, while practicing old school favorites like the Running Man and the Moonwalk.
- The Hottest Music: Songs from some of the worlds best artists including Lady Gaga, LMFAO and Nelly.
- The only true Dance game: Move your fingers and professionally choreographed routines using a variety of patterns, gestures, and swipes on your touch screen
- The Best Dance Moves: Learn to Dougie, do the wave, bounce your booty, and many more moves
- Dynamic Difficulty: The better you play, the more opportunities you have to customize your dance experience
- Amazing Graphics: Innovative 3D graphics and environments provide you with the most realistic experience possible
- Kick it up! Show off your dance cred by “Kicking it Up” to activate more challenging dance moves, get the crowd excited and change the environment around you
- Customize your look: Pick your style and customize your own avatar with fresh looks
- GPS Scoring: Test your score against the world or local hometown
From the makers of the hit game Lyric Legend, the Dance Legend Music Game brings the dance game movement to your smartphone or tablet for a new spin on music games!
- FREE SONG: Champagne Showers by LMFAO
- FREE SONG: Bass Down Low by Dev
- Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO
- Bad Romance by Lady Gaga
- Just a Dream by Nelly
- Down on Me by Jeremih
- Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice
- U Can’t Touch This by MC Hammer
- And many more with new songs added every week!

File size: 33380 KB

Niyumnei Kangea Neng Pulakam Koma (09.06.2012)

Niyumnei Kangea Neng Pulakam Koma (09.06.2012)

File Size 122.94 MB

Rous Serey Sothea Collection 01

 Rous Serey Sothea Collection 01


01 - Kdl - 1reatrey 1chivit | Download
02 - Kdl - Pka Rek Ler Mek | Download
03 - Kdl - Pel Mek Sror Tom | Download
04 - Kdl - Skoil Rous Sne | Download
05 - Kdl - Bompe | Download
06 - Kdl - Bondam Phdam Tov Somlot | Download
07 - Kdl - Chantrea Phlas Ven | Download
08 - Kdl - Chomnor Pailen | Download
09 - Kdl - Phkor Loin Pailen | Download
10 - Kdl - Phnom Thom | Download
11 - Kdl - Prounh Sne | Download
12 - Kdl - Reatrey Sekong | Download
13 - Kdl - Sat Rey Pel Langeach | Download
14 - Kdl - Sreyna Min Yom | Download

Download Album

Selection Ratha 2012 | Kour Prab Chet Smors Beb Na (Ratha)


Selection Ratha 2012 | Kour Prab Chet Smors Beb Na (Ratha)

Tracklist :
01. Chheu Chab 1 Lean Dong (Ratha) | Download
02. Srolanh Neak Na Maneak Min Kvol Pi Ateitak Kal (Ratha) | Download
03. Ors Sne Te Min Jong Bat Borng Bong (Ratha) | Download
04. Besdong Reap Smeu (Ratha) | Download
05. Kour Prab Chet Smors Beb Na (Ratha)  | Download

Khmer Oldies Featuring ( Chlong Chleuy ) 02

 Khmer Oldies Featuring ( Chlong Chleuy ) 02


01. Chit Khlach Chit | Download
02. Bong Smak Oun Smos | Download
03. Sne Et Ney | Download
04. Chor Louch Cit | Download
05. Phnom Pros Phnom Srey | Download
06. Klen Cann Kreus Sna | Download
07. Phoib Preng Veasna | Download
08. Tmor Korl Sr Morl Sne | Download
09. Physavong | Download
10. Chas Heuy Lok Pdey | Download
11. Chit Bong Plek Nas | Download
12. Lea Heuy Somatra | Download
13. Nor Ey Srey Nor | Download
14. Tov Phchum Wat Na | Download
15. Ongkor Srov Thmey | Download
16. Saob Srey Drink Winde | Download

Download Album

Deadly Race

 Deadly Race

3D combat racing game in post-nuclear setting. Daredevils from different corners of the world drive to victory through wrecked cars of their competitors in this deadly racing game.

File size: 44 Mb

Fishdom Frosty Splash

 Fishdom Frosty Splash

Use your imagination to recreate the nippy and fun atmosphere of winter in your tank. Earn money as you complete challenging match-3 levels and use it to buy festive fishies and winter-themed decorations. Download free game today and enjoy winter with Fishdom Frosty Splash!

File size: 42 Mb

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